It's so much nicer when you can see prints in the flesh.

It makes it easier to decide which one you want. You can see the crispness and the quality first-hand and you can ask me questions about the location, paper, frames etc.

So to that end, we have started showing at the following markets:


Alnwick Market - in the historic Alnwick Market square:

  • Saturday 19th November 2016
  • Xmas Market - Saturday 3rd and SUnday 4th December 2016
  • Saturday 17th December

How to get to it: Google map


  • N/A

If you have visited our stall before and bought a print or just have some general feedback please leave a comment below.

I asked for your details at Alnwick Market which we visited today.
What I am interested in is a black and white landscape image of the sea etc somewhere in Northumberland
Once I choose a image we can check the size we would be interested in and price ,either as a mounted print or as a all in price inclusive of black frame,inclusive of delivery to LS197XZ
Your photographs were outstanding and good quality.
Hi Mike,

Thanks for leaving your comment. It was good to meet you at the weekend. Please feel free to browse through my galleries and select which image you like the most and then give me a call on 07867 808 857 to discuss the preferred size etc. I can then get print-only and fully-framed costs for you though it is worth noting that none of the courier services or Royal Mail will insure glass in frames so it is probably best to get print-only and then get it framed at a local framers.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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