Landscape Commissions

Want something that is a one-of-a-kind fine-art landscape, that only you will have on your wall. No-one else, anywhere in the world will have it!!! Not the internet (except on this site as examples), no postcards, no open edition prints. All yours.

Now's your opportunity. You can commission me and challenge me to take a gorgeous fine-art landscape of your favourite location - perhaps it was where you proposed, or just a place dear to your heart. We'll put our thinking cap to work and get you a shot that's unique, that we can both be proud of and that will sit beautifully on your wall.

It's simple, just give me a call to discuss but to give you an idea how it works:

One-of-a-kind landscapes can be commissioned from £500.00 + print and frame costs.

  1. We meet with you and you tell us of your favourite locations
  2. We will discuss what format would best suit your wall and what size. We'll discuss and agree the costs involved.
  3. When you want to go ahead you pay a £100.00 commissioning start fee (non-refundable).
  4. We then meticulously plan the photoshoot. We think hard about your location and plan when will be best and in what weather will be best to achieve the type of shot we want to get.
  5. When the natural elements all play ball, we go out and shoot.
  6. We then process the images and give you a personal preview of the shots we made.
  7. You choose your one favourite and pay the non-refundable production fee (cost to produce the artwork) and we then produce it in the size and format agreed.
  8. You pay the fee balance when we deliver your product (if being posted or couriered you will need to clear the balance before we ship).

Fee example:

  • £100.00 - commissioning fee (step 1 above)
  • £200.00 - print production of A1 landscape on metallic paper and framing (step 7 above)
  • £400.00 - Fee balance. This covers my time in planning the shoot, doing the shoot, travel costs, post production, meetings and consultations with you

If for some strange reason you don't particularly like any of the images we have taken, no problem. You won't owe the balance and we will have the right to release the images as open-edition or limited-edition prints. But I don't think that's going to happen.

This could make a great birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. You haven't anything to lose by picking up the phone and talking with me about it, now have you? 

So call me, Ben, on 07867 808 857 for a wee chat about your unique fine-art landscape commission.

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