My fine art landscape photography is the outlet for my artistic self. For me it is an opportunity to express my experience of nature and tell nature’s story through my eyes. I place strong emphasis on individuality, distinctiveness of style and quality of light and mood.

I’ve always been interested in art - from pulling together my art portfolio at school, hoping to get into art college to studying Art History at degree level. I don’t aim to just snap a happy photo of a pretty scene – I am not a stock photographer, you will not find me in IKEA. I am a conceptual fine art landscape photographer. I spend a lot of time researching locations and views, conceptualising what I want a final image to look like as well as looking back at painters styles who have influenced me in the past. My artistic side tells me that my images should evoke a sense of passing of time, not just the freezing of time – they should tell the story of the environment I am shooting, not just be a literal representation of that location. So that’s what I aim towards.

I don’t work as a fine-art landscape photographer full-time. Rather it is a passion and a pass-time from which I also make some additional income. This keeps it more of an art for me, rather than a task to feed my family’s mouths.

I don’t sell at high prices because I want you to be able to affordably enjoy what I enjoyed making and I do sell at markets around the North East as well as online.

I’m told that my work is distinctive amongst other landscape photographers in the North East and that’s how I want to keep it. I don’t want to become a photo-making factory, but rather an artist whose work is in demand to brighten up your walls and make them more interesting.


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